3 Areas Christian Parents Need to Know About

There are 3 particular areas that are very popular in public schools right now that Christian parents need to be aware of:

  • Mindfulness – Many mystic practices are being introduced to students through mindfulness. Mindfulness activities are influenced heavily by New Age teachings and eastern mysticism. This is a practice that is happening in schools many times without parents knowledge or consent.  Don’t take it for granted that this is not happening in your child’s school just because you have not heard of it.  Ask questions.  Ask them if they practice any type of mindfulness in their classroom or in the school.  Let your child’s teachers know you do not give your consent for them to practice any type of mindfulness activities especially breathing exercises, centering, grounding, visualization, meditation or yoga.  Sometimes this is brought in under the guise of Social Emotional Learning or SEL.  All SEL is not evil but the lines between mindfulness and SEL are becoming more and more indistinguishable.
  • Social Justice & Equity – Due to recent racial tensions in the US, more and more schools are making social justice and equity a central part of the curriculum.  LGBTQ related lessons are often included under this banner.  While the inclusion of LGBTQ curriculum is not new, it is increasingly falling under a new name so it is not apparent that it’s being taught. The devil is riding on the back of racial injustice and inequity to hide his true intent and schools generally do not ask parental permission before integrating these things into the curriculum. Teaching children to accept homosexuality, transgenderism, and bisexuality as normal is the goal which contradicts and pulls them away from what the Word of God says.  It’s wrapped up in programs that promote social justice, equity, and inclusiveness.
  • Culturally Relevant Education – This is targeted mainly towards African American students but all parents should be aware.  Teachers are encouraged to consider students’ cultural backgrounds in their lessons and curriculum.  While this is not inherently evil, I’ve seen an increase in programs targeting schools that actually promote ancestor worship and African spirituality under the guise of providing a culturally relevant education. This includes programs where students and teachers participate in rituals such as speaking the names of the dead, using African spiritual greetings, and learning about aspects of African culture that are based in witchcraft and idolatry. This could be the inclusion of African dance, drumming, or Kwanzaa celebrations.
  • Talk to your children and let them know they do NOT have to participate in these activities.  These activities are seldom tied to a grade or a particular assignment (which is why the devil is able to get past parents) but if for some reason it is, request that your child be given an alternate assignment. 
  • We pray for the Lord to keep and protect our children from every plan of the enemy to pull them from the Word of God. We pray that everything done in the dark is exposed to godly, righteous parents ahead of time. We pray for the Lord to grant you supernatural wisdom, understanding, and guidance as you seek to raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

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